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Classes schedule for Sebastopol area to be posted when available. Please email for further information. Private classes available.



Chang Quan: Long Fist Style (Islamic & Mei Flower styles)

Shen Mo-Lim  >  Han Ching-Tang   > Adam Hsu   > Dan Farber

This is one of the most well known Northern styles. It is characterized by bold, expansive movements, and offers a complete training system that servers as a good foundation for other styles. Hence, chang quan is considered the "Mother" of Northern kung fu styles.  


Ba Ji Quan: Eight Infinite Style

Li Xu-Wen  >   Liu Yun-Chiao    > Adam Hsu >  Dan Farber

This dynamic style is known for its powerful and effective usage techniques. Taught to bodyguards in China over, ba ji is deceptively simple in appearance and is designed to deliver maximum power in the most efficient way. 


Pi Qua Zhang: Splitting Deflecting Style

Li Xu-Wen >   Liu Yun-Chiao   >  Adam Hsu >  Dan Farber 

Originating in Chang County of Hebei Province in Northern China, pi gua techniques are soft and relaxed, resulting in whip-like power. Pi gua zhang is often taught as a companion style to bajiquan.


Ba Gua Zhang: Eight Trigram Palms (Yin style) 

Dong Hai-Quan  >  Yin Fu  > Gong Bao-Tian  >  Liu Yun-  Chiao  > Adam Hsu  >  Dan Farber

A relatively new style, composed around the end of the Ching dynasty, ba gua is a sophisticated kung fu system that uses the palm, circular walking and twisting movements. Our training is from the Yin Fu branch of ba gua. 


Tai Ji Quan: Grand Ultimate Style (Chen style) 

Chen Chang-Xing  >  Chen Gen-Yun  > Chen Yen-Xi  > Tu Yu-Chi > Adam Hsu >  Dan Farber

Chen Style is the original tai ji quan, and has its roots in practical applications. It includes both slow and fast movements, and hard and soft movements.


Mi Zhong Quan: Lost Track Style (Original style) 

Zhang Yao-Ting   >  Liu Yun-Chiao  >  Adam Hsu  >  Dan Farber

A unique and less well known style, mi zhong is characterized by its elusive movements, often changing direction and angle.






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