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CHANG QUAN: Islamic style

BA JI QUAN: Original style

PI GUA ZHANG: Original style

BA GUA ZHANG: Yin style

TAI JI QUAN: Chen style

MI ZHONG QUAN: Original style

WEAPONS: Spear, Sword, Staff, Sabre


We offer instruction in authentic Northern kung fu styles, stressing foundation training, basic principles, internal training, and developing the potential of each student. Fundamental skills, such as the "ba shi" (eight stances), are stressed so that students have the opportunity to progress into intermediate and advanced levels.



Instructor Dan Farber has studied traditional Chinese martial arts for more than 40 years under Master Adam Hsu. From 1983 through 1992 he assisted Master Hsu in teaching classes. For the last 25 years, he has taught classes and seminars in Boston and San Francisco, and continues his studies with Master Hsu.


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